"We are looking for Sara Medson Cruz's last location, where she left a message. We need to find out what this message is! We only have her email: saramedsoncruz@gmail.com"


So, there are a few different ways to go about this and it's changed over the years a little, but I want to get the Unique ID for Sara's google account. First, I loaded contacts.google.com and created/signed in with a burner Gmail address. From here I added a contact for Sara.

If you were to use "inspect" in your browser now, you would actually find the User ID I'm looking for, among a bunch of other text...

...but there's an easier-to-identify way as well, via hangouts.google.com or mail.google.com/chat. (You would add Sara as a contact if you didn’t already from contacts.google.com). Start a chat with the contact added.

Searching for "data-member-id" with inspect, you should see the unique user ID (likely multiple times throughout the code). With the ID discovered, you can look for user content such as reviews with:  www.google.com/maps/contrib/<useridhere>

As seen below, I find the last location where she left a message, along with the flag; Easy challenge completed.


Assume everything you post online can be accessed and traced back to you. Stay safe.



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